L.A. Girl Cosmetics Lip Plumper Featured in Allure

The 13 Best Lip Plumping Glosses and Balms

It’s no secret that fuller looking lips have exploded in popularity. While we certainly agree that beauty comes in all forms, and not everyone wants to commit to the long lasting, pricey results of lip injections, we can’t help but wonder how it looks anyways.

Curious to see what your lips look like with a little boost in volume, but without the commitment and price tag of fillers? Enter our L.A. Girl Lip Plumper. This cinnamon infused formula improves circulation to the lips with a tingling sensation that temporarily plumps up lips with a subtle pink tint for that fuller, L.A. lip look.

The unmistakable results caught the eyes of Allure’s online publication, who reached out to board certified dermatologists to weigh in on “The 13 Best Lip Plumping Glosses and Balms.”

“The cinnamon infused L.A. Girl Lip Plumper clocks in at under five dollars and comes recommended by Green herself. ‘The combinations of the high shine and cinnamon gives a temporary volumizing effect,’ she says. ‘The cinnamon causes a tingling sensation and improves blood flow.’ Additionally, this formula contains occlusive mineral oil to ‘block transepidermal water loss,’ according to King. So as moisture stays in, lips look fuller.”

Countless 5-star reviews, and even a few viral TikTok videos have made the L.A. Girl Lip Plumper a fast beauty favorite.

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